Chambers Bay Golf Club

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Great trails for walking running but watch out for Chambers Bay Golf shuttle.  They do not stop at crosswalks. Almost got hit by female golf course driver.  No safe intersections. Slow down!

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Greens are hard to read but unreal course! Veiw is unreal and clubhouse food is great!

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This is a great place to bring dogs.  Just be aware:

The existing fenced off leash dog area near Central Meadow is temporary. The dog park will be closed in May 2015 when the United States Golf Association takes over the site for the U.S. Open.

According to UP Councilwoman Klososki, dog owners have always known the park would close, and they support the golf tournament.

We fear that the dog park will not reopen after the U.S. Open ends next summer due to business developers. Previously, we believed the dog park would reopen after the tournament and stay open until a permanent location was identified and built.

Yelpers:  we need to make sure this great facility continue to support ouf four legged family members.

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Over priced and highly over rated , Played this course a few times and came to the same conclusion. You re better off playing a round at Washington National, Druids Glen, The Home course for a fraction of the cost. Now, I see why they almost went out of business years ago and soon will.

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Although I was a little nervous about playing Chambers because I wouldn't be able to take a cart, I ended up having a great round. This was due in part to our caddy Jelani "Jay" Rollins. Jay double bagged for us and also fore caddied for the other two who opted for pull carts. Jay was spot on for telling us where to aim our drives, giving distances to the green and lining up our putts. He was understated and low key and not at all intimidating. I'm the kind of golfer who doesn't like an audience, hates "stranger danger", and am a bit of a hack. It was with this trepidation that I was hesitant to have a caddy hang around for 5 hours. He was a great guy and didn't make me nervous at all. They've got players assistants running around to help move things along, including giving us a ride between 3rd and 4th holes. Minus one star for minimal benches and garbage cans at the tee boxes,  having to move our balls from certain landing areas into the GUR circles, and the fact that I bought a U.S. Open poster, took it home, and it was the wrong one. Was it worth the $300 I spent that day? Yup.

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